Fiesta Travels: A Story Of Success


Let's embark on a new journey with one of our oldest yet dearest clients, Mr. Gaurav Kohl of Fiesta Travels. In this one-on-one interview with him, we have tried to get the essence of his life and how he reached where he is now.

Fiesta Travels is leaving footprints in the travel industry by providing spectacular services.

Mr. Gaurav stated that he started his new journey by founding Fiesta Travels in the month of November 2012. His idea to start was simple yet beautiful. With eight years of experience in the travel industry, Mr. Gaurav wanted to do something for himself. The years of experience helped him a lot on his new journey in fiesta travel. He mentioned that he always worked for his previous companies without any selfishness. This ignited a sense of belonging in him. With this notion, lots of enthusiasm, and the dream to achieve big, he embarked on a new journey.

During these years of silence and hard work, Fiesta Travels gained competence on various cruises. These cruises include many renowned cruise lines such as Resort World Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Cordelia Cruises, A'Rosa Cruises, etc. With his hands-on experience of selling cruises for 19 years, Mr. Gaurav made it possible to make Fiesta Travels a terrific platform that provides a variety of services to its customers.

Upon asking what challenges he faced, he mentioned that "challenges are everywhere, but with the help of the right knowledge and its implementation, anyone can overcome them". Mr. Gaurav applied the same to his travel business by understanding the demand and supply of the market. It immediately helped him to understand the expectations of the market. In giving instances, He even appreciated the initiative taken by TraviYo to present the world with the brilliant stories of Travel entrepreneurs. He stated that just like TraviYo took a brilliant initiative, Mr. Gaurav and his team took steps that would differentiate them from the crowd.

The whole COVID ordeal brought a lot of misery upon everyone. But the same might not be true for Fiesta Travels. With an optimistic approach, Mr. Gaurav beautifully quoted that the pandemic did hinder their business, but they took it as an opportunity. They tried to find out the areas where they were lacking. They took their business from offline to online with the assistance of TraviYo. They improved their strategy to connect with their audience. According to him, during COVID, they started improving the lives of the needy by doing public welfare. He quoted "Covid was not a disaster for us but a lesson that helped in the betterment of Fiesta Travels".

In 2022, they reached the 30% target of their pre-covid sale. Again keeping a forward-looking approach, Mr. Gaurav seemed grateful because many travel companies got shut down during the pandemic and Fiesta Travels is still thriving. However, in 2023, they are aiming to achieve the 70% target in comparison to 2019–20.

When asked about his next plan, he said that he wanted to expand his business in the market. As a B2B, there are many times when agents are not able to contact them, even though Fiesta Travels has plenty of resources for them. Because of this gap in communication, they are not able to effectively communicate their requirements, which lead to failed attempts. His plan for 2023 is to effectively reach the maximum number of agents so that they can inform them that they provide service of cruises. Their message would be simple: that they provide cruise services and you won't regret giving Fiesta Travels a try.

They got in touch with TraviYo when a staff member of ours connected with them. Fiesta Travels steadily started with TraviYo’s website development. However, with each passing day, they started trusting TraviYo’s capabilities. Eventually, TraviYo started handling Fiesta Travel’s travel portal, travel website development and customization, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

He said that TraviYo is just like his sales office. The way in which a sales office represents a company and acts as an interface between two companies, TraviYo is just like that for them. TraviYo helped Fiesta Travels increase his digital sales. TraviYo even assisted them in gaining popularity on digital platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It helped Fiesta Travels penetrate the digital world and create a brand identity.

Mr. Gaurav has a lot to say about his experience with TraviYo. Whenever he has a problem or complaint, TraviYo’s team strived to solve it as soon as possible. He stated that TraviYo is a solution-oriented company that listens to and understands the needs of its clients. It never gives false hope, always lets its client’s know what is possible, and provides the best solutions.

With this delightful conversation with Mr. Gaurav Kohl, the founder of Fiesta Travels, we learned the importance of a positive and forward-looking approach. In life, everything is unpredictable; however, only those win the race who were resilient till the end.

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